Thai Vietjet Air Booking Online Guide

If you aren’t familiar yet with flight ticket booking process via internet, this Thai Vietjet Air booking online guide might just be helpful for you. If you are planning to book a flight ticket with Thai Vietjet Air, you can do it conveniently via internet. Before you order the ticket, you also can find our interesting blog about Indonesia and Japan.

Guide to Book Thai Vietjet Air Flight Ticket via Internet

Being the associate of VietJet Air Company in Thailand, this company is based in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

Thai Vietjet Air currently operates a total of 7 aircraft which all made by Airbus. There are four countries that this airlines flies to, including Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, and India. Each aircraft can carry 180 to 230 passengers for a single flight.

On 2020, the airline made announcement that it resumed seven domestic flight routes in Thailand from previously only five. This made Thai Vietjet Air has a total of 336 flights per week and is estimated to carry more than 3 million passengers last year.

Here is the easy guide in 6 steps on how to do Thai Vietjet Air booking online:

  1. Visit the official website of Thai Vietjet Air or its mobile application in your smartphone
  2. Complete the required details to search for a flight schedule
  3. Select your preferred flight
  4. Complete your personal details and contact information on the booking page
  5. Proceed to the payment by your preferred method of payment
  6. Wait until you receive an email in your inbox that informs about your online ticket booking

The available payment methods of Thai Vietjet Air booking online are bank transfer, credit card, Thai Vietjet Air counter, or Paypay. If you need more information, you may visit the official website of Thai Vietjet Air.

If you need to save more check-in time, you may use the ‘Priority Check-in’ special feature. This feature was introduced by Thai Vietjet Air in 2019. It allows the passengers to use express service counter, which is available for both the domestic and international flight routes.

This special service can be purchased during the process of your online ticket booking. It is also possible to obtain it maximum three hours prior to your scheduled flight time.

Thai Vietjet Air booking online process is quite easy, but booking a flight in general can be very stressful. Despite the wide variety of price options available, airfare is still an expensive thing. However, by following the tips below, you might be able to get the best price deals.

  • Find the cheapest day in a week to fly

You might have heard of the famous theory that Tuesday is the cheapest day to fly. However, there is actually a little to none solid evidence to back this up. It is generally believed that weekday flight tickets are cheaper than the weekend’s, but even that is not always the case. The best way to get an idea of the cheapest day of the week for the flight is by using information from website such as Skyscanner, Google Flights, or


  • Use your reward points from credit card

The cheapest possible flight ticket price you can get is free! How does one get free flight ticket, though? The easiest and most practical way to do so is by registering yourself for reward points from your travel credit card. Once you hit the minimum spend, some big bonuses such as free flight might be available. The travel reward card for flight is usually provided by specific airline. Alternatively, it can be obtained by using travel rewards card that is more general, so you can redeem points of different airline companies.


  • Fly with budget airlines

Budget or low-cost airlines provide cheaper flight tickets with significant different compared to their counterpart. This might sound obvious, but low-cost airline such as Thai Vietjet Air booking online and others normally don’t cover full-service such as free snack or drink and other features.


  • Book flight ticket in bulk

The general rule of purchasing flight ticket with better value is by buying a lot of them at the same time. However, this usually applies only within same airlines or same airlines in the same associated companies. You can also bulk buy the ticket for flights for domestic, regional, and international passes at discounted rate.


  • Check if you can get cheaper price in other currencies

Some websites allow you to check the flight ticket price in multiple currencies, so consider purchasing it the currency that provides the cheapest price. However, there is one thing to note if you are purchasing the ticket by using credit card: make sure that the card doesn’t charge you with foreign-transaction fees

The guide on Thai Vietjet Air booking online and tips above can increase your chance to get the best ticket purchase deals via internet. If there are things that you want to know more, then you may reach Thai Vietjet Air via phone call at +66 2 089 1909 or by sending email to

Or you can easily buy your flight ticket by clicking here.

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